Selected talks

  • Photon 2022/ Precision matters: From quantum thermometry to the quantum estimation of scales, and back, Nottingham (2022-08-30) [Slides]
  • QUINFOG seminar/ From networks to thermometry: precision in quantum technologies, Institute of Fundamental Physics (IFF, Madrid, 2021-12-14) [Slides]
  • Theory seminar/ Global quantum thermometry: drawing optimal estimates for temperature from arbitrary datasets, University of Lancaster (online, 2021-09-01) [Slides]
  • Paris-Singapore-Tokyo Workshop/ Quantum sensing networks: a multiparameter approach to the estimation of linear functions (online, 2021-05-20) [Slides]
  • LSI seminar/ Stochastic thermodynamics for the study of life, University of Exeter (2021-01-27) [Slides]
  • Group seminar/ Bayesian multi-parameter quantum metrology, University of Exeter (2019-11-28) [Slides]
  • Quantum talks/ Multi-phase quantum estimation in the regime of limited data, University of Sussex (2018-10-16) [Slides]
  • Photon 2018/ Extracting maximum information from limited data, Aston University (2018-09-04) [Slides]

Selected posters

  • IOP 2019 Topical Research Meeting on Time/ Bayesian quantum metrology for time estimation, National Physics Laboratory (2019-03-19) [Poster]
  • 25th CEWQO/ Extracting maximum information from limited data, University of the Balearic Islands (2018-05-21) [Poster]