I am a Research Fellow at the University of Exeter. I work at the intersection of fundamental physics and probability theory, with a focus on quantum estimation theory.

Current research

Measurements play a fundamental role in physics as they allow us to interrogate nature. This task demands a careful examination of the interplay between theory and experiment. To that end, I am devising measurement strategies for quantum technologies and other AMO platforms by exploiting a range of physical laws, as well as establishing the mathematical basis of such strategies.


My professional practice is guided by the following ideas:

  • Providing a clear understanding of time is one of the most important tasks of science
  • To get further insight on the foundations of physics, an effective approach is to address inconsistencies in regimes where conflicting physical theories may apply
  • By virtue of extending the propositional calculus, probability theory offers the best framework to connect physical theories with experiments
  • Science papers should not only inform, but also teach

What does a theoretical physicist do?

My job is to search for the general principles that govern nature, and to create a mathematical framework for their precise formulation. The motivation behind this is the identification of rational explanations for the phenomena that underpin human experience. Creating and understanding are thus my core activities.

*Please note that the short version of my name is either 'J. Rubio' or 'J. Rubio Jiménez', as 'Rubio Jiménez' are both surnames and I do not have a middle name.